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last updated - April 2012


The One and Only 1964 Ford Thunderbird Racing in the World today!

The Driver - Joanne Kapua


Hi Everyone!


Its the off season which is why I have been a bit slack with the updates!

The T-Bird is in the shed just as she finished last season. One bent pushrod to deal with which is a nice change!

Not much happening really. I am trying to find work like many other Kiwis. Mark's new business is up and running so I want a new challenge now.

I have no idea who checks the website but I want to put it out there that I really want to continue Rally Co-Driving. I really enjoy it and as I am a rather organised person I fit the role rather well! I have used notes once in a gravel rally sprint. Once I got the hang of it I was amazed at how the car flowed - even though it was a first time for the driver on gravel.

I am on Facebook - Thunderbird Race Team or Joanne Kapua - so please feel free to post anything or to send an email.

Until next time!


Jo x


Got back in the bird on the weekend! Took me 2 days to get my mojo back! I want to thank Mike Johnson, Billy McKinnon and Robin Greenland for your support and positive feedback - you made a difference! Shane Hobman - sorry for being unsociable but I had to focus........ And great racing with you! How was the lollipop?

Have to admit I have never ever had to overcome so much fear in my whole god damn life! It's probably just a female affliction - but when your whole being is screaming no don't do it it takes a hell of a lot of energy to do it anyway. I was begining to question why I do this - but - after Sunday I remember why. The support from the spectators was overwhelming and totally unexpected. I signed hats and got a huge pink lollipop from someone - if anyone knows who it was please let me know, I want to thank them! I got hand shakes - from blokes! AND a Holden supporter told me it was the first Ford he had ever clapped for! It was fanatastic to meet each and everyone of you. AND to the young guy who wanted posters and couldn't understand why I wasn't famous enough to have posters - you made my day!

I had a win!

Thank you Julian! It was a stolen win - I was on grid 1 after Saturday qualifying and Race 1. I was still trying to get back into it and posted very slow times. Anyway there were no break out rules on the weekend - so I got to keep my win.

To everyone that cheered me on - I feel very humble and very priviledged.

Jo x